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Since its inception the FMVA has lobbied hard to convince policy-makers that the classic vehicle scene in Malta is beneficial to the economy, enriches our culture and therefore merits support. The first breakthrough came about in 2003 with a concession whereby owners of genuine classic vehicles had their road license fees halved. Much lower first registration fees for classic vehicles newly imported into Malta were also introduced.

The FMVA advises the  authorities in a responsible, fair and impartial manner. It also helps iron out problems with classic vehicle importation and with the authorities regarding the interpretation of various regulations. Many enthusiasts have benefited from this free service over the years. Federation members also verify and certify vehicles as genuine classics on behalf of Transport Malta.

After years of hard work the FMVA managed to obtain the very important “Undocumented Vehicles” concession in 2008. This enabled the re-registration of classics that have had their papers ornumber plates lost over the course of many decades. Hitherto, enthusiasts who had rescued vehicles from scrapyards, fields, quarries, barns, etc, were reluctant to restore them for fear of not being able to register them. Hundreds of classic vehicles were thus re-registered, with many of them being restored to pristine condition.

Following several months of intense negotiations, this scheme was re-launched in July 2011 for a period of six months for the benefit of those who had unearthed fresh classic finds since 2008.

The FMVA will continue to work to ensure that the classic vehicle movement flourishes in Malta. For example, the Federation needs to ensure that future government or EU measures do not affect enthusiasts in a negative way and continue to raise the awareness of economic benefits of the classic vehicle movement in the Maltese Islands.


Our Clubs

The FMVA's constituent clubs cover the whole range of classic vehicle activities in the Maltese Islands. Below are a few of the key details of each club. For more information about these clubs and other interesting sites please use the LINKS page


Old Motors Club

Founded: 1989

Members: 300

Interests: Preservation and use of classic cars. Social events.


American Auto Club

Founded: 2004

Members: 80

Interests: Preservation and use of classic cars.Social events.

Historic Motorcycle Club

Founded: 1989

Members: 60

Interests: Preservation, restoration and use of classic motorcycles. Social events.


Military Vehicles Collectors Club

Founded: 1989

Members: 20

Interests: Preservation and use of military vehicles.


Military Vehicles Club - Gozo

Founded: 2002

Members: 20

Interests: Preservation and use of military vehicles and shows.


Valletta Grand Prix Foundation

Founded: 2007

Members: 20

Interests: Organizes the annual classic vehicle Grand Prix in Malta.

BMW Classic Club Malta

Founded: 2015

Members: 20

Interests: To encourage the preservation, use and enjoyment of classic 

BMW Cars & Motorcycles.

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