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Would you like to import a classic vehicle into Malta, but are unsure how to go about it? Maybe you have found an abandoned classic somewhere and would like to know how to re-register it. Or perhaps you need some other kind of assistance.
Concessions for Classic Vehicles in Malta
Any vehicle whose year-of-manufacture is 30 years and above and is in original and genuine condition is eligible for classic status. Classic status means that owners pay greatly reduced road license fees. Persons wishing to import classic vehicles from abroad pay only 50% of the applicable First Registration fees for vehicles between 35 and 50 years old. If the vehicle is over 50 years old no first registration tax is payable.

(Please note that comprehensive Vintage Vehicle Certification Guidelines are available in the Downloads Section)
1) Registering your vehicle as a classic
If you own a vehicle that is over 30 years old and would like to register it as a classic, simply fill in the Transport Malta form number VEH 15 (available in the Downloads page) together with 5 photos as per instructions. Submit the form which is then examined by the FMVA and you should receive a reply within around 4 weeks. It is therefore important that interested persons apply in good time well before their annual road license expires.
Certification is valid for 3 years after which you do not need to re-apply. Simply submit form number VEH 16 which is a simple declaration stating that you have not altered the vehicle in a way that would disqualify it from classic status.
2) Importing a Classic Vehicle
Persons wishing to import a classic vehicle need to complete forms VEH 01, VEH 02 and VEH 03. The process is exactly the same as above except that after the vehicle has been certified by the FMVA Board, it will need to be valued for the purposes of first registration. The process is simple and the officials nominated by Transport Malta to carry out valuations will contact applicants to arrange a mutually convenient appointment for viewing the vehicle in question.
3) Other Assistance
Sometimes applicants encounter difficulties or require assistance or advice. The FMVA offers bona fide assistance in such cases. Just contact us by sending an email to outlining what you require and give us your contact details. We will answer you as soon as possible.
4) Useful Information

i) Annual Circulation Tax for Vintage Vehicles:

As per the Budget 2013 concessions, the Annual Circulation Tax (Road License) for all certified classic vehicles is now ZERO. However, an 8 Euro administration fee is applicable with every license renewal. 


iv) The Insurance certificate must reflect the month according to the first letter. The first letter of the registration number shall indicate the month at the end of which the vehicle’s road licence expires, that is:


Month of Expiry

First Letters of the Reg. No.


A, M, and Y


B, N, and Z


C and O


D and P


E and Q


F and R


G and S


H and T


I and U


J and V


K and W


L and X

v) Use this website to check if your VRT is due

vi) The fees for the plates are:

Ø  €70.00 for a pair of non personalised plates

Ø  €200.00 for a pair of personalised plates

Ø  €35.00 for an additional third plate

Ø  €35.00 for one non personalised motorcycle plate

Ø  €100.00 for a personalised motorcycle plate

Ø  €1,500 for customised plates (up to 9 digits)


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