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Undocumented Vehicles

Re-Registration of Undocumented Classic, Vintage or Veteran Vehicles Manufactured in or Before 1976

The re-registration of undocumented vehicles is a concession being granted to bona-fide vehicle enthusiasts with the aim of encouraging the restoration and eventually use of classic and vintage vehicles.

An undocumented vehicle is one that has been previously registered in Malta, but for which there are no available documentation.

Transport Malta will for the fourth time, complete an up to date list of these undocumented and unregistered motor vehicles and will receive application forms between the 6th January, 2020, and the 31st January, 2020, from vehicle owners who have in their possession such undocumented motor vehicles that were manufactured in or before 1976.

The actual inspection, processing and the eventual registration of all vehicles under the three schemes must be completed by the 31st March, 2020. Interested persons are required to complete the Application Forms:

VEH 18 (Application form to re-register undocumented vehicles) and

VEH 15 (Application form for the certification of a motor vehicle as classic, vintage or veteran)

These forms may be downloaded from the Authority's website (, together with the required supporting documentation (proof that the vehicle was originally registered in Malta and subsequently abandoned or forgotten, hence NOT imported – such proof may consist of photos and declarations) and a cheque for €105 shall be deposited at the offices of Transport Malta, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Unit, Triq l-Arkata, Paola, from Monday to Friday between 7.30 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. The documentation shall include a sworn affidavit confirming the acquisition of the undocumented vehicle.

The administration fees applicable to register such vehicles include a processing administration fee of €105, registration fee of €15 besides the applicable registration tax, annual circulation road tax and licence plate fee.

Readers of this notice are kindly requested to spread the word to friends who may not be users of internet, facebook, email, etc.


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