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No Ethanol in Maltese petrol...for now at least

The Federazzjoni Maltija Vetturi Antiki has seen and heard much over the past couple of years about the introduction of ethanol (5 to 10%) to petrol and of the possible harmful side-effects this could have on older vehicles.

As a result our members kept asking us if the petrol they buy from local pumps also contains a percentage of ethanol mixed with it. And if this is the case, were there any additives one could use or measures to adopt to counteract these side effects.

So the FMVA decided to write to Enemalta to clear up matters and their reply received at the beginning of September 2012 was that no petrol sold in Malta contains any Ethanol. They stated, however, that ethanol would be added to petrol in the future if ever directed to do so by the Malta Resources Authority (MRA) or by any possible future EU directive.


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