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Government announces Classic-friendly measures

The Federazzjoni Maltija Vetturi Antiki (FMVA) has welcomed the new favourable licence and first registration rates for certified classic vehicles announced tonight in Parliament by Hon. Minister of Finance Tonio Fenech

These were:

1)  No first registration tax for vehicles over 50 years old

2)  Classic certification age reduced to 30 years from 35 years

3)  Removal of yearly road license for all classic vehicles which will now only be subject to an 8 Euro administration fee every year

The FMVA had lobbied the authorities on behalf of classic enthusiasts for many months and notes with satisfaction that its proposals were accepted. The FMVA wishes to thanks Minister Fenech for the concrete support he has given to our movement. These measures are expected to further increase classic vehicle activity in the Maltese Islands which may eventually lead to Malta becoming a Southern Mediterranean centre for classic tourism, film facilities, and possibly even vehicle restoration services for overseas clients seeking to make use of the Maltese skills base.


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