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Vintage vehicle certification guidelines now online

New updated comprehensive guidelines may be found in the DOWNLOADS section to help you ascertain whether your vehicle is eligible for classic status. Genuine vintage vehicle enthusiasts will be happy to note the new measures designed to reduce as much as possible the abuses that were taking place which were jeopardizing the whole concession for the bona fide enthusiasts. Below are some information and comments about the updated classic vehicle scenario:


1.    It is in our interest that such abuses are reduced to a minimum, so in order to immediately identify certified classic vehicles, black plates with silver characters will replace the current ones we are using. In all other respects these classic plates are exactly the same as the normal plates. This will enable the authorities to clamp down on classic vehicles being used for commercial activities which is against the law. It will also be easier to report vehicles masquerading as classics not kept in a good condition according to the law.


2.     The black plates will be rolled-out gradually starting with commercial vehicles, new imports, de-garaged vehicles and those who voluntarily wish to change their plates. The cost is Eur 35.00 per plate.


3.     A Eur50.00 fee is now applicable for applications for vintage classification. This was introduced by TM to offset the considerable costs involved to administer this scheme and to deter frivolous applications. The many hundreds of applications for vehicles that were little more than junk was worrying the FMVA, but we feel that this new fee, although somewhat high, will help matters.


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